Who We Are.

Shop Salutem born as a new project and Herbalist Pharmacy, for online sales of health related products.

It is supported by a wide pharmaceutical porfesionales industry experience and we are located in the Wall  1, Local 14 and 23 of the town of El Campello, Alicante Street.

The professionals at your service are:
-Maria Teresa Llopis Miró (Pharmaceutical). Business Owner and DNI :21638669-Q.

 Fiscal data of this Web are associated with its owner:
  Maria Teresa Llopis Miró.
  DNI: 21638599-Q.
  C / Muro 4 Local 14 and 23.
  El Campello - 03560 - Alicante.

mail: mariateresallopismiro@hotmail.com.
phone: 965 635999.
mobile: 636 226 111.

Our drugstore and Herbalism is distinguished by its professionalism.

Among the SERVICES we can highlight:
* Analysis of Cholesterol, Glucose, Triglycerides, by dry and only a small finger prick Chemistry.
* Personalized diets, plus a wide range of services that we are introducing, advising and monitoring by specialists.
* Taking Stress and Weight and any questions related to your health.

Our staff is distinguished by an entire client dedication, kindness and continuing education.

Our goal, to advise the client in buying porductos of drugstore and herbalism.

The team consists of 2 pharmacists and 1 auxiliary.

We are proud to help you improve your health.

It is the client's health status is most improtente and to maintain high quality in our service.

We are at your disposal.