Beauty and Personal Hygiene

In our Online Pharmacy we have all the parapharmacy products that you need for your Beauty and Personal Hygiene.

In SalutemShop we all drugstore products you need for beauty and personal hygiene.

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Buy beauty products, dental health products, foot care, weight management, line maintenance, anti-aging creams, capillary health, sun protection.


  • Beauty and Body care.

    From SalutemShop we offer a wide range of products related to beauty and body care. Soothing gels, intimate gels, body gels, body lotions, body oils, stretch mark creams, cellulite creams, reducing creams, deodorants, antiperspirants, hand creams, cleaning ears,, Ear corrector, antioxidant products.

    Buy anti-cellulite creams, buy pharmacy hand creams, buy in online pharmacy ..

  • Care for dental health .

    From Salutem Shop we offer a wide range of products indicated for the care of your dental health.

    From SalutemShop we offer a wide range of products suitable for the care of your dental health. Chlorhexidine toothpaste , sensitive toothpaste , fluoride toothpastes , whitening toothpaste , pasta for healthy teeth , children's toothpaste , mouthwash with chlorhexidine mouthwash for sensitive teeth, whitening mouthwash , halitosis products , denture adhesive creams , products for cleaning dentures, toothbrushes, interdental brushes , waxes orthodontics , dental floss .

    Buying tooth health products and buying tooth care products are good ways to have better dental health. You can obtain these products from our online pharmacy.

  • Care of the foot.

    In SalutemShop have products for the health of your feet. Moisturizers feet, foot powders, sprays pédicos, correctors sweat, products for nail fungus, templates, blister dressings, plasters for corns, bunions dressings, tubes finger protectors, silicone spacers.

  • Weight Management and...

    In SalutemShop have products that will help you lose weight and control your line. Products to remove fats like Green Coffee, Chitosan , African Mango , Raspberry Ketones . Products to remove liquids like Ponytail, Artichoke, Ritenil mixing plants to cleanse the body in vials in stricks and cylinder to mix with 1 liter of water. Products for anxiety as Garcinia Cambogia and Control of 30. Also have the full range of household products Nutrition Center and dietitian to help a little more.

  • Anti-Aging products
  • Capillary health.

    In SalutemShop have products to enhance the beauty and health of your hair. Shampoos for hair with oily dandruff for dry hair with dandruff shampoo for unruly hair, supersoft shampoos, hair shampoos Fall, nutrireparadores shampoos, conditioners and shampoos nutrireparadores dry. We also have hair energizing capsules, capsules Hair Fall, yeast and plant placenta blisters.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 97 items