Defining the process.


You can choose to register at the beginning or browse and register later.

1 Register.

The first thing to do is register on the site, this is done by "clicking" on LogIn (top right).

Believe YOUR ACCOUNT. Fill in the blanks (E-mail), to "Click" Create your own (below right). Please complete all fields listed.

Once registered on the site and you can browse it and make purchases.

To buy, positioned on the desired product, do "Click" on it and it will appear in the shopping cart, the product and the amount chosen.

2 Join later and buy.

After choosing the product, go to cart and check the desired amount. If everything is correct click "Click" Confirm (yellow tab).


1) Summary.

It explains the product you are buying, quantity and price. Two options are displayed:
     * Continue shopping.
     * Next to continue with the purchase.

2) Log In.

If you have previously registered this step is skipped.
If it were not so must fill all fields related to personal data.

3) Address.

All information you have entered above, and where product will appear. "Click" Next (bottom right).

4) Transportation.

Tells you who is the national company that transports and transport costs. "Click" Next (bottom right).

5) Method of Payment.

Here the total purchase price stated.
You should choose the method of payment (card, pay pal, bank transfer, cash for domestic orders).
Fill in the details regarding the payment method and click OK.