Baby and lactation

In SalutemShop have drugstore products your baby will need from day one . Baby wipes , diapers, natural sponges , gels , shampoos , body lotions, creams for diaper change , face creams , skin creams, cradle cap, products made with calendula, colonies , scissors, physiological saline , ergonomic nasal aspirators , spares for nasal aspirators , balsamic patches to breathe better , different sized bottles , bottles with different nipples , wide mouth bottles , narrow mouth bottles , teats parts, round nipple pacifiers , soothers with teats with anatomical physiological pacifiers nipple , brooches , silicone spoons , spoons that change color with temperature, infant formulas , milks , milk growth , biological infant formulas , biological milks , baby food without gluten, gluten porridge , fruit porridge , porridge biological , vegetable baby food , baby food, fish, meat baby food , baby food, fruit , organic baby food , organic juices , teas to gases , herbal sleep aid , herbal teas for constipation, relieve teethers teething teething fruit and food, to soothe teething gel , roll -on for hits , Protegesenos .

You can buy products for the health of the baby, products of infant diet and buy products for breastfeeding in our online drugstore.


  • Baby Care and Hygiene.

    In SalutemShop drugstore products have your baby needs from day to their care and hygiene. Wipes, diapers, sponges, bath gels, shampoos, body lotions, colognes, creams for diaper change ,olive oil cream, scissors,Baby ear corrector,sera, nasal aspirators, to soothe teething gel, roll-on for strokes.

    Pharmacy products for baby in Salutem Shop, parapharmacy online

  • Children's Diet.

    In SalutemShop have drugstore products your baby will need from day to their diet. Bottles, nipples, pacifiers, spoons, infant formulas, milks, milk growth, biological milk, gluten free porridge, porridge, fruit porridge, fruit jars, jars of vegetables, small portions of meat, fish jars , organic juices, teas to gases, for constipation tea, tea to help sleep.

  • Pregnancy and Lactation.

    In SalutemShop have drugstore products for the mum to take care in pregnancy and during lactation. Stretch mark cream, cramas chest, nipple creams, gel pads for breasts, breast pads, milk shows, multivitamins.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 42 items