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  • otostick Otostick. Ear Cosmetic Corrector.
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    Daeses Firming Cream + Serum. Sesderma. The pack Daeses firming cream and serum Sesderma indicated for:* Prevention and treatment of facial flaccidity.* Stretches, firms and tightens the skin.* Hydrates deeply and immediately. Light texture.* All skin types.

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    C-Vit Light Cream + Serum. Sesderma. The lights pack C-Vit Sesderma cream and serum is indicated for:* Prevention and treatment of skin photoaging.* Hydration of tired skin facial, dunks and off. * Restores skin vitality, luminosity, firmness, smoothness and lost with the passage of time and external aggressions elasticity.* Suitable for all skin types.

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    Reti Age Rejuvenating Cream + Serum. Sesderma. The Reti Age rejuvenates pack Sesderma cream and serum is indicated for:* To prevent and correct the signs of skin aging mainly caused by chronological aging (lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, brightness and tone).* Treatment base to enhance results.* All skin types.

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    Revidox DNA. Actafarma. DNA Revidox acts in the nucleus of the cell protecting and repairing DNA. Revidox DNA is developed to decrease cell age and increase the longevity of the cells.

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